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I am fed up with looking at the gruesome graphic government health warnings and nagging statements on our tobacco products. With the amount of money my smokes cost and the huge tax component, it makes me very angry that the government insults me with these graphics and warnings. 25% of the UK population, that's 9.6 million ADULTS smoke. The emphasis here is on being an adult, we are free to choose how to live our lives, what we do to ourselves. As long as we do not aggress against others it is nobody's business and certainly nothing to do with the State, the EU, WHO or the UN.

The reason that from May 2017 all tobacco products sold in the UK have the same nauseous green packaging, disgraceful pictures and moaning mottos is because the World Health Organisation, an unelected (just like the EU Council) supranational UN body and a bunch of self righteous do-gooders promoting nanny state policies around the globe have decided that this is the world policy. By comparison, if the WHO decided to campaign against the potential dangers of motoring and instigated regulations to put up graphic posters of vehicle accidents and their mutilated victims along with peurile text in petrol stations, there would be outrage. Targetting smokers with disgusting images and nagging messages is no different in principle.

If you don't believe in World Government then here it is, staring you in the face from a fag packet.


World Health Organisation policy on tobacco control "the global fight against tobacco"

EU Directive

EU infographic

EU technical specification for markings

EU tobacco pouch specification

EU Q&A on the unacceptable graphic pictures

You can view the whole disgraceful set of tobacco product graphic images (including propaganda photos with children - totally unacceptable) here

The UK government legislation

Even the proscribed colour of the plain packaging in the UK is deliberately gross, Pantone 448C, as you can see from this web page background.

This will not be the end of this. They will not sit still, the same policies and packaging regulations are probably being drafted for alcohol, salt, sugar, fast food, probably potato crisps & fizzy drinks and anything else they deem to be not to their liking, but which unsurprisingly, a large percentage of normal citizens enjoy.

However, in the age of Brexit, Donald Trump and the Italian Referendum ordinary people have begun to realise just how oppressed and controlled they have become and are pushing back against globalism and political correctness.

To contribute to this rejection of these muppets I would like to see every single tobacco product - once sold - in our country have the compulsory markings obliterated by voluntarily applied stickers with much more positive messages that will make us smokers smile and enjoy our pursuit. To this end, I am producing a range to suit most packaging types. Hopefully this will create a stir, particularly among the self righteous anti-smoking lobbies and bodies. The more of these idiots it annoys and upsets then the happier we will be.

These are available on eBay via the links

Tobacco Product Labels

Amusing 20 cigarette packet labels - First Edition


Amusing 20 cigarette packet labels - Second Edition


Amusing 20 cigarette packet labels - Third Edition


Amusing 30g tobacco pouch labels - First Edition


Amusing small cigar packet labels - First Edition


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